HRpartsNstuff now pays contingency dollars for several classes in the PRO Fastest Street Car Series, and for the TSM Point Series with the GSCA Turbo Buicks.


What is "contingency dollars" you ask?  It is real money paid to racers when they use our products, display our sticker/decal, and either win or are runner-up in a class that is included in our program.  Please visit the PRO Fastest Street Car and/or TSM website or call us for complete details.

   What classes and products apply?  Our complete rear suspension system/kit is the product that is currently eligible.  That includes our new upper & lower rear control arms, and our new swaybar/anti-roll bar.  This system allows a car with stock-type suspension to go mid 8's & faster.  Please visit our Products section for pictures & details.
  With the PRO Fastest Street Car series, the following classes & contingency payouts apply for each of the 6 events:

Xtreme Street: $300 to Win, $100 for Runner Up
Pro Street: $300 to Win, $100 for Runner Up
Cheap Street: $150 to Win, $50 for Runner Up
Open Comp: $150 to Win, $50 for Runner Up
Nostalgia Super Stock: $150 to Win, $50 for Runner Up
Nostalgia Muscle Car: $150 to Win, $50 for Runner Up

   With the  TSM Points series for Turbo Buicks, the same complete rear suspension system (mentioned above) is the current eligible product.  The following contingency payouts apply for each of the 6 events:

TSM: $75 to Win, $25 for Runner Up, for each scheduled event!

   We are also rewarding the quickest 1/4 mile E.T and the lowest 60 ft. time in ANY class, at ANY race, time trials INCLUDED, during the season.  This applies to the events & classes above, as well as ANY pass down ANY Sanctioned Drag Strip during the season that you get a correct/legitemate time slip.  All you need is to have our complete rear suspension system (mentioned above) installed at the time of the race, our sticker/decal displayed in an accepted manner, and a copy of your time slip to prove it all.  A picture and details of your car would be nice too, so we can show off your pride & joy.  We will also be posting our top cars so that you can see where you stand and/or where you need to be to win.
   The Bonus Prize Money is $75 for quickest 1/4 mile E.T. and $75 for lowest 60 ft. time (submitted to us, see below), which could EASILY be the same car!  There is a small hitch to all this.  You have to let us brag and show pictures of you and your fine car.  Might make you a little more famous too, of course some results will vary, some restrictions may apply, blah, blah, yada, yada :)  It is up to YOU guys/gals to notify US of your acheivements.  The best run/runs submitted to us as of Dec 31st of each year will be the deciding factor, and those NOT submitted will NOT count, even though they might be faster/better.  We will still post your pics/info in our customer rides section if you submit it late, but it won't be eligible for the bonus prize money.  Please contact us for details, stickers, products, and to let us know how fast you are going!