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Dave Fiscus, Turbo Buick V-6, Best of 7.97 @ 176 on Drag Radials!
2004, 2006, and 2008 GSCA TSO Champion and 2007 TSO
Top Gun Point Series Champion,(class limited turbo & approx
3400 Lbs - street legal with full interior and thru the exhaust),
Using HRpartsNstuff HR-0911 Insane Series
Rear Suspension Package(and Poly Mounts).

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We are finishing up a COMPLETELY NEW WEBSITE at this time. A few prices and details may have been changed recently that have NOT been updated on this website yet. Almost everything has stayed the same price, with a few getting bumped up slightly and a few got lowered too. Our plan was to launch the new site instead of updating this old site, but it has taken longer than expected. It is a HUGE change and has been in the works for over 2 years now and is getting VERY close! Lots of new products, tech, pictures, videos, etc, etc, etc. PLEASE email or call for current pricing if you need to know what it is. Again, most everything stayed the same, and nothing changed very much if it had to be changed at all. We keep getting more efficient at production & packaging, which offsets most of the price increases on materials & expenses so far.
Please check back soon!

HRpartsNstuff now offers 5 levels of rear suspension components & packages that cover anything from a 15 sec daily driver all the way down to a 6 sec racecar! We are currently into production & have limited qty's available of our latest style of rear control arms with rod ends for Pro racers. We are also making suspension parts for the '73-'77 GM A-Body cars, and the '77-'84 GM C-Body Cars! Please email, call, or request a catalog for more details if interested. It's all in our NEW '09 catalog & coming to the new website soon!



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